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Diversity sourcing, employer branding, candidate screening, and funnel analytics — an end-to-end solution to hire top entry-level talent.

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Use WayUp to attract and hire the most qualified, diverse talent — 100% virtually — for any entry-level positions (full-time, internships, co-ops, part-time, and more).

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“Partnering with WayUp opened up several other doors to candidates while still having a strong focus on NECC’s goals, which was to increase our numbers and focus on diversity.”
- Laura Schnaible
Recruiting Specialist
The New England Center for Children

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“The products we produce are innovative and next-wave technology. We needed to hire top engineering talent to support that, and WayUp was core to us achieving our engineering hiring goals.”
- Simon Coombe
NA Head of Talent Acquisition, Global Campus and Diversity TA Lead

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“We’ve learned a lot through our partnership with WayUp, it’s been very insightful. Oftentimes in recruiting, we can get so caught up in the right candidate that we’re not even looking at the funnel or the pipeline as a whole…. With WayUp, we were able to look and see how Hispanic candidates or Black candidates actually were performing in our recruitment pipeline.”
- Nia Lewis
Global Talent Acquisition Senior Specialist
“The slate of candidates we’re getting up front now is higher quality than we were seeing before. It was such a huge time sink to review unqualified resumes. The candidates we’re seeing now are qualified for our positions.”
- Brittany Simmons
Talent & Development Program Manager

Every package with WayUp is mix & match so that you have the tools you need, all of which sit seamlessly on top of your ATS or CRM (if you have one). WayUp’s product suite includes:

Targeted Outreach &
Diversity Sourcing

Reach WayUp’s diverse user base of 6M candidates

With recent graduates and students from across the country (who attend or attended over 7,100 schools), WayUp’s diverse talent pool is 71% Black, Hispanic, or Female and has tens of thousands of active veteran candidates.

Find your ideal candidates quickly

Source candidates based on self-reported data including major, location, campus, graduation, gender, ethnicity, and more! Proactively message them to apply to relevant job opportunities.

Actionable Analytics

Get insights into how candidates move through your funnel—from first impression to hire

WayUp’s D&I Analytics platform is second to none. You can see which stages of your hiring process are biasing against candidates of a specific race or gender, you can get detailed analytics about virtual events, see job description bias stats, which campuses are sending the most qualified and diverse candidates to your ATS, and so much more!

Make data-driven decisions

Our proprietary custom analytics dashboards allow you to deeply understand your recruiting funnel at every stage so you can spend more time acting on insights instead of administrative reporting tasks.

Candidate Screening

Surface qualified candidates—only

We use your qualification criteria to automatically screen every applicant and guarantee a response within 24 hours—without you reviewing a single resume!

Get all candidate data in your ATS—seamlessly

All candidate data will flow into your ATS without any engineering work from your team. Learn more about how WayUp can integrate with any ATS here.

Employment Branding & Virtual Events

Virtual Events: Get your employees in front of a targeted, diverse audience

Select exactly which audience you want to get in front of (such as females in engineering, or People of Color in finance in California), and our platform will handle all of the marketing, sourcing, registration, and behind-the-scenes work. You just show up to speak at the event!

Watch this webinar! Learn how Bloomberg attracted 94% Black and Hispanic attendees to their Virtual Events in 2020 -- with WayUp!

Bring your brand online

Our in-house employer branding experts can create and distribute custom videos (like this and this) and articles to get your message to the right candidates—where they are, online.

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