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Virtual campus recruiting.
Qualified & diverse candidates guaranteed.

Diversity sourcing, employer branding, candidate screening, and funnel analytics — an end-to-end solution to hire top talent.

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Students and recent grads (0-5 years of experience) are looking for jobs and internships. We help you attract and hire the most qualified, diverse talent — 100% virtually.

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“If we had to individually screen all these candidates, it would've been 100 hours per week probably, if not more. WayUp facilitated a slicker and quicker process.”
- Simon Coombe
NA Head of Talent Acquisition, Global Campus and Diversity TA Lead

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“The slate of candidates we’re getting up front now is higher quality than we were seeing before. It was such a huge time sink to review unqualified resumes. The candidates we’re seeing now are qualified for our positions.”
- Brittany Simmons
Talent & Development Program Manager
“Partnering with WayUp opened up several other doors to candidates while still having a strong focus on NECC’s goals, which was to increase our numbers and focus on diversity.”
- Laura Schnaible
Recruiting Specialist
The New England Center for Children

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With a high-tech and high-touch approach, we help you achieve your hiring goals — without leaving your desk.

How It Works

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Meet your new campus recruiting partners

Your team of WayUp campus recruiting experts will work with you to develop a strategy to meet your goals.

Start getting qualified applicants

We'll post your jobs on WayUp so you can start getting qualified applicants within days.

Targeted Outreach &
Diversity Sourcing
Reach WayUp’s diverse user base of 6M candidates

Representing over 7,100 campuses and universities our diverse talent pool is 71% Black, Hispanic, or Female.

Find your ideal candidates quickly

Source candidates based on self-reported data including major, location, campus, graduation, gender, ethnicity, and more! Proactively message them to apply to relevant job opportunities.

Branding &
Candidate Attraction
Tell your story to the right people

We’ll work with you to create an employer brand strategy that speaks directly to Gen Z and Millennials to increase qualified applicants.

Bring your brand online

Our in-house employer branding experts create and distribute custom videos, articles, and interactive media to get your message to the right candidates—where they are, online.

See it in action! Check out BlackRock's company profile to explore branded articles and custom videos we’ve created. 

Candidate Screening
Surface qualified candidates—only

We use your qualification criteria to automatically screen every applicant and guarantee a response within 24 hours—without you reviewing a single resume!

WayUp can move your candidates to the next step in your process or have our early-career recruiting specialists schedule and conduct the first-round phone screen using qualifying questions you provide for culture, technical skills, or both.

If we manage your phone screens, we offer candidates flexible scheduling from 8 am-11 pm ET, 6 days a week. 90% of candidates who schedule nights or weekends are Black, Latinx or Female.

Get all candidate data in your ATS—seamlessly

All candidate data will flow into your ATS without any engineering work from your team. Learn more about how WayUp can integrate with any ATS here.

Actionable Analytics
Get insights into how candidates move through your funnel—from first impression to hire

Our platform provides real-time reporting across your recruiting funnel so you can see candidate engagement and drop off — including pass rates by demographic, sourcing channel, and more!

Make data-driven decisions

Our proprietary custom analytics dashboards allow you to deeply understand your recruiting funnel at every stage so you can spend more time acting on insights instead of administrative reporting tasks.

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“WayUp brings a digital solution to campus. They bring audience and generational-relevant content that directly engages with students on-campus.”